Coming to Over the Air? Get on to the Backnetwork!

If you’ve registered for Over the Air, you should have received an invitation to a social utility we’ve set up on the Backnetwork specifically for Over the Air participants. So far, many of you have responded to this invitation and created your Over the Air profile. If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to get connected as this is where conversations are already starting about ad-hoc sessions, and where teams are forming to work on competition entries. Backnetwork is where you can organize with other attendees, find out the latest word on what’s going on with the event, ask questions and keep in touch after it’s all over.

Sold Out!

Sold outIf you were planning on getting your ticket for Over the Air or just turning up at the door, I’m sorry to announce we’re now fully booked. All the tickets (and more) have been allocated and the registration system will not give out any more tickets. Over 400 tickets have been given away in just over 2 weeks, we knew Over the Air was going to be popular but wow!We have added standby tickets but if you register as a standby, you will only receive a place if another registered attendee cancels (on a first-come-first-served basis). You will receive an email confirmation if you are taken off the standby list.

Staying over on Friday night?

Bean bags

Part of the magic of Over the Air is the overnight element. If you’ve ever been to a BarCamp, you will know the difference it can make talking and sharing ideas into the early hours of the morning. Over the Air gives you that space on Friday night – Saturday morning to think, talk or sleep mobile/wireless.

You can work away on the competition winner till 4am in the morning or fall a sleep at your laptop without having to worry. One of the drawbacks is that there will be no beds, or room service only a hot breakfast on Saturday morning. So please bring a sleeping bag (we will have beanbags and sofas too) and I look forward to seeing a large portion of you overnight.

Over the Air Backnetwork

If you’ve already signed up, you should have received an invite to join the Over the Air Backnetwork. The backnetwork is a social network centred around the event and the people attending the event. You can find out who’s going, ideas people already have or want to build and even get into teams ahead of the event. The backnetwork also aggregates photos and blog posts tagged so don’t forget to add the correct tags.

Who’s Speaking at Over the Air?

Why make the effort to come down South Kensington for Over the Air in April? Because you’re going to be able to hear from and talk to some people who are making waves when it comes to software development for the mobile platform. To name a few of our confirmed speakers thus-far:

Mobile Web and iPhone swami Brian Fling

Open source guru Terrance Barr from Sun Microsystems

Mikko-Pekka Hanski from Idean

Victor Szilagyi, Interaction Designer and organizer of Mobile Camp London

Ian Forrester from BBC Backstage (a organizer of Hackday London)

Open source guru Matthew Allum of Opened Hand

Dan Bodart of ThoughtWorks

François Daoust of W3C on building MobileOK Web sites

Andrei Popescu of Google on Google Gears Mobile

Paul Su of Aplix and Oscar Guiteriez of Vodafone on Java MIDP3

Lean development guru Fred George

William Gunaratne of Microsoft on the latest on Windows Mobile

Tim Stevens of BT on the 21st Century Network APIs

Cedric Bompart from Zong

Andrea Trasatti of dotMobi on using the newly launched Device Atlas

Matt Hosanee of Sun Microsystems

Garrett Murray on iPhone Apps

…and that’s just for starters! We’ll also have speakers from Adobe on the latest on Flash Lite, Nokia on Series-60 and their new Series-60 Widget Platform. And new speakers are being added daily on the run-up to the event. We’ll be posting a more detailed speaker list and preliminary agenda soon, so watch out! End transmission.

What’s it All About?

What are we going to cover at Over the Air? If it moves, and it involves code, we are aiming to cover it. We’ll have experts speaking on panels, delivering hands-on talks and “master class” sessions across a range of mobile platforms, technologies, services, APIs and SDKs as well as topics like user experience, design and yes, even business. You can come just to attend theses sessions or for those who want to come and write code, you’ll be able to dip in and out of the sessions you’re most interested in. Many of the speakers and session leaders will be making themselves available to developers.

But in a field as large as mobile development, we can’t possibly cover everything! That’s why we’re leaving some of our session rooms open for you to organize your own sessions on topics that interest you! If you have a suggested topic you’d like to cover, let us know by leaving a comment on this post.

iPlayer on the iPhone

Steve Jobs with a iphone

Ahead of other platforms and the iPhone SDK, doctor the BBC announce support for iPlayer using the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The BBC has launched a version of its iPlayer video on demand service for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. It is the first time the service has been available on portable devices.

BBC News have a piece about it and the BBC internet blog has the full scoop. Why would people interested in Over the Air be interested? Well the team who worked on this should be at the event, and who knows maybe there might be some video feeds for people to build into their prototypes?