Staying over on Friday night?

Bean bags

Part of the magic of Over the Air is the overnight element. If you’ve ever been to a BarCamp, you will know the difference it can make talking and sharing ideas into the early hours of the morning. Over the Air gives you that space on Friday night – Saturday morning to think, talk or sleep mobile/wireless.

You can work away on the competition winner till 4am in the morning or fall a sleep at your laptop without having to worry. One of the drawbacks is that there will be no beds, or room service only a hot breakfast on Saturday morning. So please bring a sleeping bag (we will have beanbags and sofas too) and I look forward to seeing a large portion of you overnight.

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  1. Cristiano Betta

    Dibs on one beanbag please.

  2. Dan W

    Damnit Cristiano, You can only call dibs when you can see it!

  3. Mimi

    Heehee, isn’t that kind of like calling “shotgun” before you see the car? ;-)

  4. allan

    Any one running a book on whether a Selk bag will be spotted?


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