The Competition

People have been scratching their heads about the competition part of Over the Air. Well here’s all the details you need to enter and hopefully win a prize at Over the Air.

The competition runs from 1pm Friday afternoon till 1pm Saturday afternoon. It is open to everyone and has a range of categories.

  • Overall Best Prototype
  • Best Mobile Widget
  • Best Hardware hack
  • Best Location aware prototype
  • Best Use of Multimedia
  • Best Use of Wireless, Bluetooth or RFID
  • Most elegant solution
  • Most over engineered
  • Most practical / ready for market
  • Best mobile web application
  • Best design / user experience prototype
  • The Audience Favorite

Each one has a prize attached, which will be given by our sponsors.

You can sign up for the competition in teams, partnerships or singles. This is done by registering your team on the backnetwork. Under the backnetwork you can add a review of your prototype or idea. The ideal way to enter this is for one member of the team to enter a description then add a link to the other team members. I have done a draft version which gives you a rough idea of how it should be formatted. You should use fill in as much stuff as possible including urls and sdks you maybe using. This can be done at any time during the competition, but at 1:30pm Saturday, no more will be allowed to enter the competition. There will be no need to enter what category you think the prototype should go into, our judges will pick the best for each category, which means you can walk away with more that one prize.

The judging panel we’re proud to announce have a range of knowledge and experience which makes the Dragons look like Kittens.

  • Margaret Gold from Gold Mobile Innovations
  • Matthew Postgate from BBC Mobile
  • William Gunaratne from Microsoft
  • Mike Culver from Amazon WebServices
  • Dr Paul Coulton of and Lancaster University
  • François Daoust from the W3C
  • Mikko-Pekka Hanski from Idean

They will be watching as you take the stage in front of the Over the Air audience and present your prototype or idea in less that 3 minutes (TBC). We will be pretty strict on times, as we want to make sure everyone has the same chance. Once on stage, you will have a short period time to plug in your laptop for visuals (VGA connection) or audio (3.5cm jack). There will be Wired or Wireless connectivity and new for this event Visualisers so you can really zoom in on that mobile application or hardware creation. Remember you only got a short period of time, so its best to plan before and double check everything works as you remembered.

After everyones had their time on stage, we take a break and the judges will go off to a sealed room to discuss for a while. When they return, the awards ceremony will start and just before the end, you will all get a chance to decide who is the audience favorite.

We hope many of you will enter the competition and we will see some very innovative ideas and prototypes come out of it. If you have any further questions about the competition please leave a comment or jot it down at the backnetwork.

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  1. Felix Garcia Lainez

    Is it supossed that all code will have to be written between Friday 1pm and Saturday 1pm, or will be posible to bring a built application or prototype before the event?

  2. Felix Garcia Lainez

    I am asking this because I think that it is very different to allow final products in the competition, or small prototypes created in 12 hours during the event.


  3. ian

    No to be clear, we’re talking about small prototypes created within the competition time. People who attempt to cheat this will be found out by their peers and will result in them being kicked out of the competition. Remember the prizes won’t be huge cash prizes or holidays. Its prizes which make sense for a tech savvy audience, remember its the spirit of competition not the harsh reality of the marketplace.

    Because a lot of frameworks and mashups will be built upon, we will evaluate each case on a case by case bases if a complaint comes up.

    So in summary,
    1. don’t come with a complete thing
    2. team up with people who have new ideas
    3. hack your ideas to pieces and build them up again
    4. challenge what we know about mobile and wireless

  4. Margaret

    Betavine will be hosting the Audience Award by running a text-based vote through at the end of the event. To keep it manageable, we’ll be using the list of all category winners as the short list for the Audience Award.

    If you’d like to make it easy to share the apps you are working on during the event, and get some feedback while you’re at it, just upload them to Betavine and tag them ‘overtheair’.

    If there are any apps that you are working on now that you’d like to share with attendees for the sake of collaboration and discussion, you can upload those to Betavine as well.

    As a show of support for the Over the Air folk, we’ll be giving away an extra 100 credits towards the use of the Betavine API to everyone who uploads an app and tags it ‘overtheair’ between the 2nd and the 9th of April.

  5. Felix Garcia Lainez

    Ok I understand. So it will be a competition of small prototypes, and not final products.

    One question about it: How are we going to do the presentations? I mean that if I deploy my application in a phone it will not be seen very well by all people… Should I bring any sofware to show the mobile screen in my computer?

  6. dan

    We’ll have “visualizer” devices at the event that will be hooked up to projectors. Visualizers (sometimes called “document cameras” or “Elmos”) have overhead cameras that image whatever is on the bed beneath them. They’re perfect for demonstrating from a mobile phone or other mobile device. We’ll also have VGA video connections for people who want to demonstrate something form a laptop.

  7. Felix Garcia Lainez

    ok perfect!!


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