Session: Do it with LWUIT! Building compelling applications for todays mass-market devices

Terrence Barr

Terrence Barr

Presenter: Terrence Barr
Room: Huxley 340
Time: 10:30 – 11:25; Saturday 26 September

LWUIT (Lightweight UI Toolkit) is a popular free and open source widget toolkit by Sun Microsystems, released in 2008 under GPLv2 with the Classpath Exception. LWUIT allows you to quickly create compelling and rich user interfaces for a wide range of mobile and embedded Java applications and systems.

LWUIT is inspired by Swing and offers a multitude of advanced features, yet is light on system resources. It also helps developers deal with cross-platform implementation differences in screen size, menus, fonts, layouts, and other aspects – cutting down development time significantly.

This presentation gives an introduction to LWUIT and its goals and architecture. We’ll talk about features and the basics of developing and deploying LWUIT-based applications. Code snippets and a number of live demos are part of the talk.

Terrence Barr is a Senior Technologist for Mobile and Embedded Technology at Sun Microsystems and Community Ambassador of the Java Mobile & Embedded Community. Of the 18 years of industry experience more than 12 of those years have been at Sun.

He has worked on various technical aspects of embedded systems and Java platforms for a number of years including implementation and optimization of virtual machines, byte code hardware acceleration, multiprocessor architectures, advanced client-side applications, client-server systems, and more.

He also participates or has participated in several industry organizations and standards bodies such as JCP, EEMBC, and OMA, has authored and co-authored a number of U.S. and European patents, and speak frequently at various conferences around the world including JavaOne, Jazoon, Oredev, OSiM, and others.

He is also the project owner of the ME Application Developers project.