Session: Draw me a perfect Appstore!

Thibaut Rouffineau

Thibaut Rouffineau

Presenter: Thibaut Rouffineau
Room: Huxley 341
Time: 11:30 – 12:25; Saturday 26 September

This is an interactive session where the audience is asked to create groups that would design appstores (whether look and feel, viagra functionality etc).

After a quick brief on the purpose of the session several groups can form to design an appstore in groups of 10-20 (depending on audience) with a moderator per group. At the end of the session the various results are collected and explained briefly to the rest of the audience… If people are keen we could go on designing it even coding it till the end of the night if anyone fancies…

This will be used to give attendees a good ideas of the complexities and various mechanisms involved in commercial and free appstores as well as understand the best way to use those appstores for their distribution and marketing.

Mobile Activist at WIP (Wireless Industry Partnership)

Community and passion builder with a mobile LTE.

Thibaut has been active in the mobile, price telecom, software world for the past 10 years as an all-rounder from the research labs, to the telecom shelter, from core network to core OS, from photons to airwaves and from product management to community strategy.

Thibaut joins WIP from Symbian Foundation where he was the Head of Community Management accompanying the Symbian developer and partner community in its migration to open source. Over the past few years has been heavily engaged in the migration of the mobile industry towards a more open and community led approach to development and innovation,especially active in developing the Eclipse and Symbian communities but also supporting operators and OEMs devise their developers program.

Thibaut holds an Msc in telecommunication from Telecom SudParis and is an Accredited Chartered Marketer.