Session: ENUM who/what/why?

Presenter: Steve Kennedy
Room: Huxley 344B
Time: 15:00 – 15:00; Friday 25 September

ENUM is a technology that uses the domain name system to store telephone numbers and (NAPTR) records that say how to route calls to those numbers. UKEC Ltd is the governing body for user ENUM in the UK, cialis cheap but ENUM can also be used for number porting and carrier routing. In the future every phone call will involve at least one ENUM lookup.

Steve Kennedy is an industry veteran having joined Cellnet in 1989 then Demon Internet in 1994 and seeing it grow from a small start-up to the largest consumer ISP in the UK (and then get taken over by a traditional telco). More recently he was involved with Textic who produce Talklets accessibility software as a service. He is a director of UKEC Ltd the governing body for ENUM in the UK.