Session: Symbian programming is easy! (with FleaC)

Pekka Niskanen

Pekka Niskanen

Presenter: Pekka Niskanen
Room: Huxley 342
Time: 10:30 – 11:25; Saturday 26 September

What do you think – how long does it take to create a Symbian (S60) application like this: It monitors incoming phone calls, and as a call is incoming, checks the phonebook, if the caller can be found. If the contact exists in the phonebook, application hangs up the phone call, and checks the next available time from the calendar. As it is found, the application sends to the caller an SMS, where the next free time is told.

Let’s assume, that you have Carbide, an SDK (S60 3rd. Edition) and an empty S60 project with basic UI controls (like couple of CEikLabels).

During the presentation Pekka Niskanen (Fleasome Ltd.) demonstrates, how an API library called FleaC helps to write in 30 minutes source code for the described application. FleaC is a cross-platform programming library to ease up on the development process of creating applications for smartphones and mobile devices. The power of FleaC can be seen especially in Symbian environments where FleaC decreases development process time by 10 – 50 % depending on the size and nature of the application.

Pekka Niskanen has worked as a lecturer, an assistant, and a researcher in the University of Kuopio, Department of Computer Science, and as a senior consultant mostly in mobile apps projects in Acta Systems. From January 2001 he has worked as a technology manager in Fleasome Oy. E.g. in 2005 He had 500 hours of Symbian training in Finland. He have written a couple of books on mobile application development, mostly in Finnish. When not teaching or writing, he uses his expertise in Symbian (S60 and Series 80) projects, designing, coding, testing, and consulting in them. He has been Forum Nokia Champion 2006, 2007.