Session: How to develop your app in a fragmented world

David Bailey

David Bailey

Presenters: David Bailey, clinic James Parton
Room: Huxley 344B
Time: 16:00 – 16:30; Friday 25 September

Building a quality mobile application that can extend across the myriad of devices available in the marketplace is often an arduous task. Not only does content need to be created on different devices, it must be tested and monitored across devices for quality assurance. Historically, this has been an expensive and inconvenient process, as developers have had to purchase a variety of handsets to achieve the desired results. Further, collaborating with others on development and deployment has been difficult, as partners often live in other cities, states and countries. Generally, trying to get content from A – the developer – to Z – the end user – has been a long, cost intensive and overall inefficient process.

DeviceAnywhere has changed the way tens of thousands of developers worldwide create, manage and deploy mobile content. DeviceAnywhere enables developers to access real devices over live networks – so they are able to interact with handsets over the Internet as if they held the devices in their hands. With DeviceAnywhere, developers have access to nearly a thousand handsets from around the world on which they can develop and deploy applications to ready them for the marketplace. Additionally, DeviceAnywhere features tools that allow users to run scripting programs, monitor the availability and reliability of content delivery, collaborate with others via the Internet, and automate applications – to name a few. All of these tools promote not only content development, but also reliability and efficiency for the end user.

DeviceAnywhere, in conjunction with O2 would address some of the challenges facing mobile content development, as well as provide a case study of how to take your app to market faster than ever before!

David Bailey is Business Development Manager for Device Anywhere