Session: Mobile apps, widgets, web, Should or does the end user care?

Presenter: Kieran Gutteridge
Room: Huxley 344B
Time: 11:30 – 12:25; Saturday 26 September

Demonstration of how a popular “app” ft.coms in the iPhone app store, prostate already has a very good mobile website and could easily be made as a widget, so why has the app received the promotion?

Demonstration of how easy it would be to build as an iPhone app, Java App, Mobile Widget from their rss feed

Will cover difficulties in distribution of Java applications, Opera Widgets and mobile websites and some of the solutions that can be employed to assist so the end user is less caring as to how the application is realised

Kieran Gutteridge is an ex Java mobile game developer, now a cross platform developer for Mobile web, iPhone, Android and Java mobile, with no particular preference other than picking the correct tool for the job.