Session: Mobile Visual Interactivity

Geoff Ballinger

Geoff Ballinger

Presenter: Geoff Ballinger
Room: Huxley 340
Time: 16:30 – 17:25; Friday 25 September

I aim to convince attendees that the phone camera is a key input device, for both interactivity and search on mobile, as well as building “Augmented Reality” applications.

I will talk about a range of existing services from several of the major providers in the field, show some demos that attendees can try for themselves, and suggest how this space will go on to develop over the next few years.

I will finish with how developers will be able to build visually interactive services using the web service APIs that are becoming available from a number of providers.

Geoff is VP Engineering for Mobile Acuity Ltd, a leading provider of “visually interactive” and “visual search” services for mobile. He has led the development, deployment and operation of mobile applications and services (for marketing, games, entertainment, media, and productivity) over the past nine years. This has included stints at iPlay, mixipix, and Zamsana.

Prior to entering mobile Geoff spent time working on embedded software projects at Panasonic OWL and Edinburgh Designs. Geoff is also a founder and organiser of Edinburgh’s Mobile Monday community.