Session: Mobile Widgets – Worth the hassle?

Rocco Georgi

Rocco Georgi

Presenter: Rocco Georgi
Room: Huxley 344B
Time: 18:30 – 19:30; Friday 25 September

As widget engines and application stores for mobile devices are growing out of the ground like mushrooms on a rainy day, case the field becomes increasingly crowded and unclear. We will have a look at currently existing and emerging app stores and the potential they have for developers that want to employ the web technology they are familiar with.

We will explore widget engines as the base for applications to be created for these application stores:

  • Which standards are they implementing (if any)?
  • How easy is it to port your application over from one to the other?
  • Which engine provides access to device capabilities?
  • What tools and resources are available – is there a developer community?

The result should be a discussion about the conclusions you can draw from all this:

  • Which app store/widget engine is worth the hassle implementing an application for them?
  • What efforts are required for you to develop and publish for an app store?
  • Can you make money creating widgets?

Finally we want to answer the question: Is it all worth the hassle…and which widget engines and standards should we support?

Rocco is co-founder and Lead Developer at PavingWays. He has worked as a web developer for more than ten years. With PavingWays Rocco specializes in bringing web applications to mobile devices. He is an active writer and conference speaker on technical topics and works together with industry professionals in this area. Rocco also did extensive research in the area of mobile Ajax and mobile widgets.