Session: RDFa in Mobile

Mark Birbeck

Mark Birbeck

Presenter: Mark Birbeck
Room: Huxley 344B
Time: 16:30 – 17:25; Friday 25 September

Both Yahoo! and Google have made announcements about how their crawlers are now making use of embedded metadata found in web-pages, and by processing RDFa. The BBC are using RDFa to mark up programme reviews. The UK government has launched a number of projects that use RDFa for job vacancies and consultations.

RDFa obviously has a key role to play in assisting search engines to provide better results, help but what it less well known is how it can be used to enhance the user experience.

In this session, cialis pills Mark Birbeck — who proposed RDFa — takes a look at how RDFa could be used in the world of the mobile.

Mark is managing director of Backplane Ltd., a London-based company involved in a number of RDFa/linked data projects for UK government departments. He is the original proposer of RDFa, and has spoken on the subject at various events.