Session: UI optimisation for the the mobile web – reuse, innovate and surf the bleeding edge

Presenter: Ian Homer
Room: Huxley 342
Time: 18:30 – 19:25; Friday 25 September

Use your existing web dev skills to master the mobile web, without getting bogged down in device diversity, learning quirky markup languages or squeezing your web site through a transcoding grinder.


  • Web developer to mobile web developer – use the same skills, it’s just one small step
  • Use standard markups not custom markups – don’t invest time in quirky markup languages that take time to learn and take away control.
  • Why design for mobile? The pitfalls of transcoding or squeezing your existing web site onto a small screen
  • Advantages of mobile web over normal web
  • Demonstration using the bemoko toolset

We’ll have plenty of demo’s from widgets to websites, so it should be an interesting workshop

Ian is Tech director at bemoko, a software house that provides an agile web development framework which enables web developers to easily and quickly deliver mobile websites across all devices. Ian’s passion is for all things mobile, web, tech and good UX. He’s spent much of the last decade helping major mobile operators around the globe deliver mobile web portals and, now, settled back in the UK is driving bemoko forward to make mobile web dev easier and faster …