Mobile user experience on applications and widgets

Presenter: Dr. Philip Rhodes
Room: 343
Time: 16:00 – 16:30; Friday 25 September

Understanding of the digital customer experience requires deep insights into customer motivations and preference. At the heart of this challenge are mobile applications; for these present a unique challenge for designers. Users have high expectations from such applications, illness but they also expect to be able to run such applications with no training, no traditional packaging elements such as quick start cards, and no help system. Understanding customer expectations and the ‘informational landscape’ in which the user exists, is probably the only way such applications can be designed successfully.

Philip’s presentation, “Mobile user experience on applications and widgets” will explore recent research findings into the mobile customer experience, exploring how mobile applications must not have ‘usability’, but must also be ‘engaging’ to ensure that users want to use them time and time again.

The presentation will also include a case study exploring how research throughout the design process can lead to innovations in mobile application design.

Dr. Philip Rhodes is founder and Managing Director of fhios an international Customer Experience Research and Design agency, with offices in London, Singapore and Brazil. Philip has worked for more than 10 years in the mobile industry, working with mobile manufacturers, operators and application designers/developers. During that time we have seen that today’s digital life is actually complicating life, leading users to demand greater simplicity. There is in fact a contradiction between the potential options of new technologies, i.e. digital freedom – and the demands of customers to manage the proliferation of these options.