Show your work at the OtA09 Mobile Film Festival!

Update 25th September, the Film Fest now moves to virtual space- submissions will be viewable on Vimeo. Over the Air 2009 Mobile Film Festival is a collaborative film festival taking place during the event. It will showcase cutting-edge cinematography shot on any kind of mobile phone/PDA (i.e. not on a dedicated video or digital camera), which can, however, be edited using more than a phone (i.e. on a pc/mac).

To contribute films to the festival, you need to join Vimeo. Once you are a member of Vimeo you can join the group at  Once you have uploaded your own videos, you can add them to the group using the Settings “Add to” button.

To give people insight into how you are working, please include information about the mobile device you shot it on and any other tech notes in the Vimeo description. (Erm…If you are looking in the early days of this, please ignore the activity log entry of my test video upload, which was a nice gig, but not intended as a Film Festival entry!)

We’ll be showing films from the group at Over the Air on Friday evening. Even if you won’t be at Over the Air in London (and why ever not?), you can still contribute to the film festival.

AND if you would like your films to be available for use in projects at the conference (installation, mash-up… who knows?), please set them to downloadable, and tag them with the Creative Commons license you would like to use. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at