Speaker Announcement: Rick Fant

Rick FantWe’re proud to announce that Rick Fant, Vodafone’s “head of Internet Discovery,” will deliver a keynote at Over the Air. Rick Fant as Head of Internet Discovery leads the marketing, development and deployment of consumer and developer services associated with internet access and internet enabled applications. Prior to Vodafone, Rick had a long career at Microsoft starting in application development and deployment; growing to server product development and marketing and evolving into managing product teams in the delivery of mobile applications and services. Rick gained an extensive background in software development and organization management with Tandem computers and US West communications.

Rick has been working to not only increase awareness around internet enabled applications, but he has also been driving the utilisation of standardised technologies and revenue opportunities for developers. By using initiatives such as the Joint Innovation Lab which brings together some of the largest operators in the world, it will make it easier for the ecosystem to develop, test and distribute their applications globally.

Coffee Breaks a goner

As those of you who have been watching the schedule will have noticed, we have so many great sessions to put on, that we’ve started squeezing out the formal coffee breaks to fit them all in.

But not to worry, there will be coffee and snacks available throughout the whole event, and plenty of spaces to hang out and visit or work on some code. Basically, we’re counting on you to take a break when you need to!

comfy seats 2008

Impromptu Sessions – the ‘unconference’ part

The wider mobile community always come together to contribute to a fantastic schedule, in the lovely grass-roots fashion that is at the heart of Over the Air.

What you may not realise, is that we also have a room set aside as a ‘Camp Room’ throughout the entire programme, where the attendees of Over the Air can spontaneously create and host any session, workshop, round-table discussion that they please!

We’ll have a wall schedule posted where you can scribble in your Camp Room bookings with a title for the session. Please use the #ota11 hashtag on Twitter to propose ideas and to post descriptions of the sessions you’ve pulled together.

The Wall Schedule 2008

Mobile Website – courtesy of Bemoko

If you’d like a handy way to check out the most up to date schedule, select the sessions you’re interested in for your own event schedule, or simply to read the latest tweets, set your mobile browser book marks to http://ota.bemoko.com, or use the handy QR code below:

Mobile Website QR Code

(If you had already saved m.overtheair.org to your mobile browser bookmarks, don’t worry, it will redirect.)

A big thanks go to the team at Bemoko for creating and hosting the mobile website for us!


bemoko have turned the mobile website development market on its head, providing a framework which allows web developers to quickly and easily create mobile websites which are optimised for all devices, The framework is a revolutionary system for developing mobile sites using standard markup languages. This approach allows developers to take full advantage of the new devices coming to market without leaving behind the older devices. With easy application integration and simple to use social networking plugins, the bemoko framework is a fully featured, powerful and flexible method of getting great looking websites on mobile devices.

Sponsorship Announcement – Orange Partner

We are thrilled to announce that Orange is a Gold Sponsor of Over the Air!

It is thanks to the financial support of our sponsors, online that we are able to make this event completely free to attend.


Orange Partner – helping you to sell your apps to Orange customers

We are proud to be a Gold sponsor of Over the air 2009

The Orange Partner programme is for existing and potential 3rd party partners, giving you the tools and support you need to create and provide compelling product and services with Orange.

The Orange Application Shop is a distribution route for mobile apps, currently live in the UK, France, Belgium and Spain, with other countries in the pipeline. The Shop can be accessed via WAP, web and/or on-device client, offering multiple ways for potentially millions of consumers to browse and buy your applications.

The app submission process is really simple – just complete a short form, giving us a few details of your downloadable mobile app. You don’t need to be a member of Orange Partner, and your app doesn’t need Industry Testing. And if we want to sell your app, we’ll do any necessary testing for you. For free.

We can offer you tools and resources including testing advice, 1:2:1 support, device specs, design guidelines, access to devices at our worldwide Orange developer centres…

Do you have an app to submit?

Find out more: http://www.orangepartner.com/applicationshop

Orange Partner

Speaker Announcement: Claire Rowland

Claire RowlandWe are very pleased that design researcher and user experience design practitioner, discount Claire Rowland, will be part of our panel for Inspiration / Outspiration: where do ideas come from?

Claire is a Research/Service Design Lead at Fjord and a passionate advocate for user-centred design. She has an academic background in psychology and human-computer interaction and has worked in digital user experience research and interaction design since 1997, for companies such as Razorfish, Flow Interactive and the Press Association.

Her key interest is the role of qualitative research in innovation, to which end she has conducted hundreds of user research sessions, from ethnographic and contextual interviews to photo diary studies, participatory design and user experience/accessibility testing.

Speaker Announcement: Duncan Arbour

Duncan ArbourWe are very pleased that Duncan Arbour will be part of our panel on the sources of innovation; Inspiration / Outspiration: where do ideas come from?

Currently senior consultant at eBusiness consultancy Blue Latitude, ailment Duncan has spent the last decade working at agencies of various sizes on strategy projects spanning multiple sectors.

His present focus is in the global healthcare and pharmaceutical sector, prostate with projects including the development of both patient and professional focused mobile applications.

His approach to design is shaped by past experience of all manner of methodologies ranging from the lithe and agile to the dragged-out and bloated; none of which have ever seemed to successfully guarantee real world success.

Sponsorship Announcement – Vodafone

We are thrilled to announce that Vodafone is the Party Sponsor of Over the Air!

It is thanks to the financial support of our sponsors, that we are able to make this event completely free to attend.


Vodafone is accelerating the uptake of innovative web and mobile technologies on a mass-market scale through the Joint Innovation Lab. This is a collaboration between Vodafone, China Mobile, Softbank Japan and Verizon Wireless to make development and distribution of widgets quick and easy for up to 1 billion customers.

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