Mobile Website – courtesy of Bemoko

If you’d like a handy way to check out the most up to date schedule, select the sessions you’re interested in for your own event schedule, or simply to read the latest tweets, set your mobile browser book marks to, or use the handy QR code below:

Mobile Website QR Code

(If you had already saved to your mobile browser bookmarks, don’t worry, it will redirect.)

A big thanks go to the team at Bemoko for creating and hosting the mobile website for us!


bemoko have turned the mobile website development market on its head, providing a framework which allows web developers to quickly and easily create mobile websites which are optimised for all devices, The framework is a revolutionary system for developing mobile sites using standard markup languages. This approach allows developers to take full advantage of the new devices coming to market without leaving behind the older devices. With easy application integration and simple to use social networking plugins, the bemoko framework is a fully featured, powerful and flexible method of getting great looking websites on mobile devices.