Speaker Announcement: Paul Coulton

Paul CoultonDr Paul Coulton’s presentation on location-based games and applications (“From Frisbees to Silly Glasses”) was one of the highlights of last year’s event. We’re happy to announce that Paul will return to Over the Air with a session on “Mobile Games as Social Information Appliances.”

Although the original definition was unrestricted, the term ‘information appliance’ has become synonymous with personal hardware device specializing in information and designed to perform a specific activity in a simple and user-friendly way. In many respects many mobile applications if well designed provide the attributes of the information appliance through software as they generally perform a specific activity centered around information and are simple to operate. Due to the constraints of the mobile phone environment these attributes are also those most often associated with casual mobile games. Paul’s presentation proposes treating casual mobile game design as the creation of social information appliances. In particular he will research relating to social capital and draw parallels with knowledge of player behavior before defining how these can be applied within mobile games.

Paul has over 15 years experience in mobile as a developer/researcher and is at the forefront of creativity in mobile entertainment, particularly games and social networking. Paul has produced some of the world’s first mobile games utilizing location, proximity, and tangible objects/ interfaces and more recently mobile driven social networks. Paul devised the worlds first MSc in Mobile Games and Social Networks and has written a book on S60 development and the chapter on novel mobile game interfaces for the book on Symbian programming for games. He is internationally recognized as a pioneer in creating uniquely mobile experiences and was selected as one of the 50 most talented mobile developers worldwide from a community of over 2 million to be a Nokia Champion in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.