Speaker Announcement: Rick Fant

Rick FantWe’re proud to announce that Rick Fant, Vodafone’s “head of Internet Discovery,” will deliver a keynote at Over the Air. Rick Fant as Head of Internet Discovery leads the marketing, development and deployment of consumer and developer services associated with internet access and internet enabled applications. Prior to Vodafone, Rick had a long career at Microsoft starting in application development and deployment; growing to server product development and marketing and evolving into managing product teams in the delivery of mobile applications and services. Rick gained an extensive background in software development and organization management with Tandem computers and US West communications.

Rick has been working to not only increase awareness around internet enabled applications, but he has also been driving the utilisation of standardised technologies and revenue opportunities for developers. By using initiatives such as the Joint Innovation Lab which brings together some of the largest operators in the world, it will make it easier for the ecosystem to develop, test and distribute their applications globally.