Speaker Announcement: Scott Weiss

Scott WeissMobile Usability expert Scott Weiss will be presenting a session at Over the Air entitled “Open Source User Experience?” Scott is passionate about mobile user experience. He looks after the user interface of the Symbian operating system. He chairs the UI Council and provides vision for the future of the OS’ user experience. Scott’s 20 years of user experience background have been spent at Apple, Microsoft, Sybase, Autodesk, and an agency he started and ran for 11 years in New York City. His first book, “Handheld Usability,” is widely known as the pioneering text on mobile phone design, prototyping, and usability. He can be found speaking about mobile user experience world wide, and has recently spoken at Create ’09, the European Information Architecture Summit, and Handsets World.

Scott’s session will describe the strategy for how the Symbian UI is being propelled forward, from the published roadmap to the UI Brainstorm blog to the UI Suggestions forum discussions. Other open source UI efforts will be compared and contrasted with Symbian’s strategy. The presentation will have plenty of time for questions and answers and of course an open invitation to explore and contribute.