Speaker Announcement: Tom Hume

Tom Hume will be leading an interactive session titled “Many Paths up the Mobile Mountain.”

Says Tom: “It’s an exploration of an iterative design process. Working in small teams, you’ll go through two rounds of designing, testing, and evolving a real-world application for mobile phones. The output of this will be a small, tested design prototype of an application which you might want to go on and build.

When we ran this session previously, several attendees felt it’d be a great way to kick off a hack day. If you’re short on inspiration for something to build, or just want to collaborate with a few folks in an intense design session, do come by.”

Tom is MD of Future Platforms, a Brighton-based software company that’s been taking mobile products from concept to launch for nearly a decade. FP is a crack team of designers, developers and businesspeople and has worked for Microsoft, Nokia, Hasbro, Orange, the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel and many more.