Session: App development in the new world of Windows Phone 7

Presenter: Paul Foster
Location: 343
Time: 17:00 – 18:00, Friday 10 September

This session will get you started on your app or game development for Windows Phone 7 using the free Windows Phone Developer Tools. Starting with a quick orientation of the soon to be released Windows Phone 7, the session will then jump into demos of app and game development for the new OS, rounding out the session with a developers guide to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

Windows Phone 7 is a complete reboot from the past of Windows Mobile. Windows Phone 7 brings together core Microsoft technologies such as Silverlight, XNA game development framework, Xbox Live services, Bing and the Zune music & video services. Devices are built to a powerful minimal hardware specification ensuring software compatibility across a variety of device designs. Windows Phone 7 is a consumer focused device delivering a different, high quality experience that enables the user to keep up to date with their busy business and personal lives.

Exciting new game opportunities await developers. Building your game with XNA allows you to easily publish versions to the Xbox 360, Windows and Windows Phone 7 with a real opportunity of being picked up by Xbox Live publishers allowing the sharing of game achievements and leader board statistics across platforms. Imagine playing a racing game on your Xbox 360, and unlocking a new car achievement. Now play the special Windows Phone 7 game version which knows your current achievements as well as your current location – outside a real world dealership for that new car. On completing the ‘fan boy’ achievement on your Windows Phone 7 your Xbox 360 now provides you with the special ‘nitro enabled fan boy’ ability to that newly unlock car!

With professional grade, free Windows Phone Developer Tools, built on the Visual Studio 2010 IDE and Expression Blend 4, your development experience and productivity is second to none. Download your free tools now at

Paul FosterPaul Foster has been programming computers and building bits of kit for over 27 years, of which 15 have been with Microsoft. Always looking to build with the latest and greatest technology available, Paul spends his time assisting developers create TNBT by exploiting Microsoft technology. For a short time Paul was a member of a circus flying trapeze troupe, and is a keen dinghy sailor.

Follow him on twitter @paulfo or at