Session: Bombs Away – a location-based game that WILL make you run

Presenter: Richard Vahrman, LocoMatrix
Location: 311
Time: 17:00 – 18:00, Friday 10 September

Gone are the days when you can saunter around a GPS based treasure hunt. Here is a team-based game where speed is critical – it’s Jack Bauer meets the Hurt Locker. Of interest to the attendees will be how we came to create the game and how we are proposing to fund it. From our previous work we will be talking about HTML5 and location games, and why we are now exclusively designing for Android.

After gaining BSc in Biology, Richard pursued a variety of jobs including musician and truck driver, before working with Prof. Heinz Wolff at the Clinical Research Institute in Harrow, and later helping him set up the Institute of Bioengineering at Brunel University, specialising in building robotic equipment for the European Space Agency. He then started up MultiAxis where he invented and marketed a novel method for tracking containers within the dairy industry. On moving to Brighton, he started up Brighton Web, a web hosting and design company, which is still operational with around 200 clients. He now heads LocoMatrix, one of the first companies to work in location-based gaming for mobile phones.