Discussion Session: London cabbies go mobile. TweetALondonCab – what next?

Discussion Leader: Richard Cudlip, TweetALondonCab
Location: 344C
Time: 18:00 – 19:00, Friday 10 September

Tweetalondoncab (TLC) has grown from a few Taxi drivers use of Twitter (mostly on mobile), into a large community of drivers and potentially a business. They have a facebook page, a new website and currently pondering what’s next. The founders are currently looking at the business case and know that mobile is really important for them to get customers booking cabs and also to co-ordinate drivers to get to the right customers at the right time. But they’re new to this game and are interested to hear from the mobile community what’s out there and discuss what options might be opento taking the service properly mobile beyond twitter. Incorporate BlackBerry Messaging? Do An app and if so, what? What would a mobile service look like anyway? What kind of customers will use this? What would a cabbie need on their mobile to make this usable for them? And where do they start, being mobile tech novices?

Richard and his team have some ideas themselves, but in preparation for the upcoming CabCamp (yes, it’s a BarCamp for London Cabbies) where they’d like to talk about this in more depth, they’d love to talk with mobile folks about all of the above and more. And in turn, they can share how they got to this point and how they turned twitter to our advantage. No, they’re not expecting free consultancy, just an open discussion with like-minded folks who are interested in what TweetALondonCab are up to and fancy chewing the mobile fat.