Session: Rapid Prototyping with Flowella

Presenter: Tim Brooke, ask Nokia
Location: 343
Time: 15:30 – 16:30, viagra Friday 10 September

Flowella is a free tool available for download to anyone developed by Nokia Design. It enables people to build extremely quickly and easily prototypes that actually run on over 100 Nokia mobile devices as well many other devices that support one of these technologies: AJAX, cure FlashLite or Qt Quick. No coding is required. Just provide your screenshots and connect them together with interactivity with a few clicks in a desktop application and then download the app to your phone to see it running. Flowella also outputs prototypes which run on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux machines. Flowella is a great way to test out ideas and share and communicate concepts.

The session will go over how to obtain and use Flowella in your projects to enable extreme rapid prototyping and iterations of your designs for mobile apps. For more details as well as a video, see the website.

Tim is a Senior Interaction Designer at Nokia working in London, who spends a huge amount his time making prototypes of phones, applications and operating systems. At Nokia, Tim and his colleagues make prototypes as fast as they can from anything that is available from post-it notes and bits of broken computers to programming in C++ and Flash, and they like to make lots of mistakes so that they can learn from them. Tim has previously worked for Microsoft and Intel in the US mostly making prototypes but also conducting ethnographic studies – following people around in their everyday lives understanding how they use technology in China and the USA. He holds three degrees: MA Computer Related Design from the Royal College of Art, an MSc Mechatronics from Hull University and an BSc Cybernetics from Reading University.