Session: Mobile, HTML5, CSS3, DAP; beat the buzzwords with Bruce – optimising your site for mobile, and a peek at the future

Presenter: Bruce Lawson
Room: 311
Time: 11:15 – 12:15, Friday 10 September

In this session about the web and apps, Bruce will discuss:

  • the three different approaches to coding a mobile Web presence
  • how to use CSS3 to make “adaptive content”
  • tips and tricks to make your sites work better with mobile, that you can use today
  • using W3C packaging technologies to make mobile applications with web technologies
  • a look at what HTML5 brings to the party
  • a peek at the work of the W3C DAP that will give much greater integration between websites and device capabilities

Bruce evangelises Open Web standards for Opera Software. He’s the co-author of Introducing HTML5 (New Riders, July 2010), a member of the W3C Mobile Best Practices Working Group. His interests include hamster wrestling and lycanthropy.