Panel: What would Picasso do? – a panel of art and technology

Panel: Bryan Rieger, advice Jason Fields, see mills™, Mathias Dahlstrom
Location: 311
Time: 17:00 -18:00, Friday 10 September

As more and more of us carry a multitude of devices with us wherever we go, it seems only natural that we may express ourselves creatively using them – from simple scribbles and distractions, to complete works of art. For example, the artists David Hockey and David Kassan have recently been using the iPad as a canvas in itself, while the musician Lang Lang recently performed “Flight of the Bumblebee” on stage during a concert using an iPad. Will these devices simply replace our beloved notebooks and sketchbooks, or could it be possible that they become a medium unto themselves?

This session aims to explore the question, if he had an {insert favourite device here} “…what would Picasso do?”

Bryan RiegerBryan Rieger is a designer, writer and reluctant developer with a background in theatre design and classical animation. Bryan has worked across various media including print, broadcast, web and mobile, and with clients such as Apple, Microsoft, Nokia and the Symbian Foundation. Most days, Bryan can be found designing and prototyping a diverse range of experiences, and every once in a while, he can also be found organising a Mobile Design UK event in London.

Jason Fields is a user interface fanatic, product evangelist, entrepreneur, bleeding edge early adopter of emergent design, lifestyle, technology, mobile 2.0, disruptive innovations, and experimental electronica. his personal work mission is to generate disruptive product ideas which evolve the use of a wide array of emerging technologies and deliver a compelling, useful, dynamic user experience across media channels (Mobile, Web, IPTV). currently a head of user experience & design for multiplatform experiences at BBC, he also runs a mobile app design blog (featured in wired UK, NY Times bits blog and boingboing)

Tom Hume and catTom Hume is MD of Future Platforms, a 10-year old software company that designs, develops and launches lovely software products for mobile phones, with an emphasis on collaboration, participation and playfulness. Their recent clients include Nokia, Microsoft, the BBC, Roulette Cricket, and Touchnote. Tom writes online.

millsmills™ is the Willy Wonka of the app world, co-founded ustwo™ the studio of dreams™ back in 2004 with his business partner, sinx with a £5000 loan. Together, through their love of user interface design, ustwo™ grew from a two man startup to a notorious 50+ strong team based in London and Malmö, Sweden – working with the likes of Virgin Media, Sony Ericsson, Turner and Sony.
He has created successful iPhone apps which have sold globally in their 100,000s and have become brands in their own right. iPhone and iPad apps by ustwo™ include the world renowned MouthOff™, the strictly professional PositionApp™, and the designer must have classic – Granimator™. Not to forget the forthcoming global hit – Inkstrumental™ in collaboration with Jon Burgerman.
mills™ is in charge of every ustwo™ app, making sure each is carefully and lovingly nurtured from concept all the way through development, and finally to download – making them the most user-considered, as well as beautifully designed apps available on the App Store. The master of disguise and app promotion, mills™ is always 100% transparent about the world of app development and its associated pitfalls, as well shouting as loudly as possible about the joys of limited success.

Mathias DahlstromMathias Dahlström is a technology artisan at labs. labs is a small team inventing services & applications within the wider context of travel and lifestyle. What new services and devices will people use to find the best stuff to do? We have no idea. But we’re going to try ideas out and see what happens.
Follow Mathias, on Twitter as @mdahlstrom, or his site .