Session: Improving your Problem-Solving Skills

Presenters: Rhiannon Horsley and Analia Lemmo
Room: 340
Time: 12:15 – 13:15, view Friday 10 September

This session from Rhiannon Horsley and Analia Lemmo will explore tools that can help you develop creative solutions to solve problems. We will look at the Problem Tree Analysis technique to identify and understand the root cause of a problem and the Six Thinking Hats method to help you generate creative ideas.

Rhiannon and Analia are Development Managers at UnLtd , case where they provide seed funding and support to social entrepreneurs.

Annalia LemmoAnalia Lemmo has experience developing pilots to address social problems including homelessness, pills domestic violence and financial illiteracy. She holds an MBA from Oxford University.

Rhiannon HorsleyRhiannon Horsley is a Co-Founder of Young Professionals in Human Rights, has worked in Student Unions and is an avid knitter.