Session: Designing mobile services for emerging market users

Presenter: Alan Wilkinson, Nokia
Location: 341
Time: 10:30 – 11:20, Saturday 11 September

Alan will talk about how we design mobile services for emerging market users, what Nokia have learned about their needs, some of the special design challenges they encountered, and what they have learned so far about how to overcome them.

Please come along to learn more about services like Ovi Life Tools introduced in the keynote by Pawan Gandhi. Alan would also like to hear the experiences of anyone working on the same kind of projects.

Currently Head of User Experience Design for Nokia Emerging Market Services. I lead a team of user experience designers and design researchers based in London and Bangalore. We aim to create and deliver a range of compelling mobile services for Nokia’s series 40 mobile phone users worldwide, especially those in India, China and Indonesia such as Ovi Life Tools.

While at Nokia I have lead the design of a range of services and products including for example the Camera and Gallery for all Nseries phones from N90 to N95. I have 15 years experience designing mobile services for Nokia and Nortel during which I have conducted design research in at least 15 countries.