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Our session suggestion form is now live. If you’d like to lead a session at Over the Air 2010. If you want to run a session covering any aspect of mobile technology, development, design / art or user experience, please visit the form and let us know by answering a few simple questions.


The generous financial support of our sponsors is the key to keeping this great event free to attend, and there are levels for everybody – from Premium Sponsorship all the way to competition prizes. Drop us a note if you’d like to help us make it all happen!

4 years of Over the Air

 2011 – September 30th & October 1st – Bletchley Park

For the fourth year in a row, Over the Air is going to make the impossible possible: a free developer event (well almost – there”s a small donation to Bletchley Park this year) and hack-a-thon that is non-aligned (not pushing a particular technology or approach) but instead seeks to inform, energise and empower mobile “builders” to work with each other to create great stuff.

Over the Air is a place where developers, designers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and academics can come together to celebrate, discuss, learn, chill and geek out for 36 hours of intense fun. We promise the following: if you attend, you will learn about stuff you didn’t know about before. You will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with people you haven’t met before. You may be inspired surprised at what you find. By the end of the day Saturday, you will definitely be exhausted. We’re not saying it will change your life, but we’re not saying it won’t either.

2010 – September 11th & 12th – Imperial College London

Over the Air 2010 was hosted at Imperial College London on the 10th and 11th of September. Approximately 400 people attended two days of Keynotes, Workshops, a Hack-a-thon and lots of general fun.

Some of the highlights included a Keynote from Sir Tim Berners-Lee, some inspirational design thinking from Aral Balkan, the Nokia digital grafitti screen + t-shirt printing, iPhone controlled AR Drones & a fantastic Hack-a-thon.

The range and quality of the Workshops was excellent this year, thanks to the involvement of so many clever and interesting members of the OTA community. We will keep all of the session descriptions for posterity, and will be adding slides to them as they become available. Slides can also be found on SlideShare tagged #ota10.

Photos of the event can be found in the Over the Air Flickr Pool.

Coverage of Over the Air 2010

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2009 – September 25th & 26th – Imperial College London

Over the Air 2009The second annual Over the Air was brought to you by Betavine, Lonely Planet and OMTP : Over the Air: 24 Hours of Mobile Development, hosted at Imperial College London. More details to be posted soon.The second Over the Air, was on September 25th and 26th, brought to you by Betavine, Lonely Planet and OMTP : Over the Air: 24 Hours of Mobile Development, hosted at Imperial College London. Check out Ewan Spence’s  BBC article on how to ‘Hack a handset‘!

The recipe is simple.

Take as many mobile phone developers, hackers and builders as you can find; put them in The Great Hall at Imperial College; add a liberal helping of heavyweight companies talking about new tools, developer aids and techniques to program mobile phones during the day; then challenge them to come up with “something new”.

Leave this to simmer as hackers work through the night and have everyone present their new programs to the rest of the conference the next day.

That sums up the Over the Air hackathon. Now in its second year of bringing together the UK’s mobile developer community, it continues to have a huge impact on those who get involved with the overnight competition.

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Other great Blog coverage from

2008 – April 4th & 5th – Imperial College London

Over the Air logoThe inaugural Over the Air event ran on the 4th and 5th of April, 2008, at Imperial College London. Mobile developers from all stripes descended on the campus for 2 days of fun, learning, hacking, and socializing.The coverage of Over the Air was great, with online stories from The Guardian, The Register and many bloggers. Some of the best coverage however came from Mark Kramer with his videos on the popular video site Qik. There were also plenty of photos on flickr.There has been a range of comments and blog posts about Over the Air including,

Then there was the hacking in the evening. I wasn’t as hardcore as some, and did have a nap for an hour or two at about 5am before finishing my stuff off after breakfast. Most of what I wrote was in C++ but I also got to hack together a little Javascript – not a language I often use.

– Dale Lane

What did I learn there and was it relevant for my project? Well, first, it was an opportunity for me to get a brief overview of current developing technology for the mobile platform.There are many and a lot of different technology to learn which I am not familiar with. Of particular interest was a presentation by Brian Fling from on developing web apps and native apps for the iPhone and mobile applications.

– Alex Craxton of Mobile Monday London

We went to the excellent overtheair event over the weekend, with an amazing concentration of mobile developers (and gadgets). Our entry to the 24-hour hack development contest was a bit of fun dreamt up by Richard Jones and Russ Anderson. Disappointed that someone had beaten them to it by working out how to connect a Wiimote to a phone handset via bluetooth, they decided to go one better and do away with the need for the Wiimote at all.

– Lastminute Labs

Kudos to the whole team who made this happen, this was more than just a developers’ conference, more than just a workshop or a barcamp… It was a 48 hours of mobile and wireless development experiment bringing together some +400 developers and mobile industry experts with great sessions on various industry related topics… Lots of great people and ideas gathered during these 2 days

Rudy De Waele at

Thanks to all who spoke, presented, attended, developed, organized, ushered, registered, hauled, evacuated, waited, partied, slept and generally made this such a fantastic event. Watch back here for updates on what happened and and after the event, presentations from speakers, related news and announcements about the next Over the Air!

Venue Info

Over the Air is once again being held at Imperial College London. We would particularly like to acknowledge the support of the Dept. of Computing and the Mobile Applications Centre at Imperial College. The Mobile Application Centre is an initiative to establish a research and development centre for inter-disciplinary mobile applications at Imperial College. The Centre aims to bring together talent, expertise and engagement from across Imperial College to work with partners in academia and industry in developing innovative and pioneering mobile applications.

We’ve got full details on how you can get there on the Directions page. The event will take place at the Imperial College’s South Kensington Campus –

  • Registration is in the ground floor of the Sherfield Building in the ‘Tower Room
  • Latecomers can register at the information desk on the 2nd floor of Sherfield
  • Opening ceremonies are in the Great Hall in Sherfield
  • Workshops are in neighbouring Huxley

Go to the Directions page for the map.