Keynote Announcement: Aral Balkan

Aral BalkanWe’re excited to announce that Aral Balkan will be delivering a Keynote talk at Over the Air on the morning of Friday, September 10th.

Aral will be talking about “The Art of Emotional Design: A story of pleasure, joy, and delight.”

Have you ever had a bad user experience? Did it make you feel angry? Frustrated? Absolutely livid? Good. Understanding that the experiences we create can have a negative emotional impact on people’s lives is a very important prerequisite to creating positive emotional experiences that engage with users to add delight and pleasure to their lives.

In this inspirational session, Aral will offer you an impassioned glimpse into his approach of authoring apps that go beyond usable. Apps that people find joyful and fun. Apps that people fall in love with.

Empathy, character, voice, beauty, and play are just some of the topics that will be covered and illustrated with examples from Aral’s decade-long experience in authoring web, Flash, desktop, and mobile apps, including his latest top-selling iPhone app, Feathers.

Aral Balkan is an interaction designer and developer with over a decade of experience. He aims to author empathetic apps that create joy and delight and to inspire and teach others to do the same. His latest iPhone app, Feathers, was featured by Apple as New and Notable, What’s Hot, and a Staff Pick. It is often cited as an example of beautiful, emotional design. Aral shares his experiences, frustrations, and joys on his blog ( and in his tweets (@aral).