Speaker Announcement: Vladimir Levantovsky on Web Fonts

Vladimir Levantovsky

Continuing our tradition of covering the cutting edge, we’re happy to announce that Vladimir Levantovsky from Monotype Imaging will be speaking on the emerging technology of fonts and typography on the Web. For many years, Web authors and mobile application developers have been limited in their creative and typographic freedom by very limited selection of resident fonts installed on a mobile device or supplied by a platform or a browser. The days when we are limited to a restrictive choice of system fonts are almost over, thanks to the recent activities at W3C WebFonts WG that developed Web Open Font Format (WOFF) and ever increasing web fonts service offerings. In this presentation, we will discuss “what the font” WOFF is, and, may be even more important, what it is not. A brief overview of the WOFF file format will be accompanied by the real-life use case examples where we’ll review the usage of WOFF extended metadata and private data blocks. The presentation will be followed by a short Q&A session where we would explore the opportunities for using web fonts (and downloadable fonts in general) in mobile applications.

Vladimir Levantovsky is a senior technology strategist at Monotype Imaging Inc. and also serves as a chair of the W3C WebFonts Working Group and a chair of the ISO SC29/WG11 ad-hoc group on font format representation. Vlad is passionate about advancing typographic capabilities on CE and mobile devices and on the Web, and has been an active contributor to the development of various technology platforms, including hardware-accelerated vector graphics (OpenVG), Java ME profiles for mobile devices (JSR-271 and JSR-287), DVB Multimedia Home Platform, OMA Rich Media Environment and core font technology standardization at ISO/IEC.