Speaker Announcement: Yiibu’s Stephanie Rieger and Bryan Rieger

Stephanie and Bryan RiegerWe are pleased to announce Stephanie and Bryan Rieger of Yiibu will present two sessions at Over The Air this year. They will share their experience in supporting as many mobile devices as possible with one Mobile Web code-base, and discuss the Digital Divide.

Bryan is a designer, writer and reluctant developer with a background in theatre design and classical animation. Bryan has worked across various media including  print, broadcast, web and mobile, and with clients such as Apple, Microsoft, Nokia and the Symbian Foundation. Most days, Bryan can be found designing and prototyping a diverse range of experiences, and every once in a while, he can also be found organising a Mobile Design UK event in London.

Stephanie is a designer and closet anthropologist with a passion for the many ways people interact with technology. With a diverse background, Stephanie’s expertise lies in marrying design, technology and business goals to craft simple, elegant experiences. A compulsive researcher, Stephanie is always keen to discover and share insights on the mobile web and mobility trends in emerging economies.