Alcatel Lucent is the Chill-out Lounge Sponsor at OTA10

AlcatelWe are thrilled to announce that Alcatel Lucent is sponsoring the Chill-out Lounge at Over the Air 2010

Alcatel Lucent have built a developer community to give you a place to share your knowledge, ask questions, build and test great applications, and, ultimately get them noticed so you can make money and find fame. And, as if that weren’t enough, you will be joining a new movement to bring together what until recently have been two distant communities: developers who want access to network resources and the service providers who want you to build apps using those services.

Alcatel Lucent at Over the Air

Tapping into the Enterprise Market (Friday @ 12:15 in Huxley 341)

What happens when today’s app hype breaks free of web 2.0 and goes mainstream (and by mainstream we mean the enterprise where the real money is)? What do developers need to do differently to build apps for the enterprise? Richard Pulliam – Alcatel-Lucent’s primary link between developers and enterprises across several vertical industries — will lead a highly interactive session (no slides…yay!) to discuss what developers need to know to tap into the enterprise market, what enterprises need to know about working with developers, and who the non-tech companies are that developers most want to build apps around. Additionally, Alcatel-Lucent will give away an iPad to one lucky attendee.

Come and chill-out with us in the Dining Hall on the Ground Floor of Sherfield on Friday evening, from 19:00 until 22:00.