Competitions – the #Blue Challenge

What is #Blue?
#Blue is an experimental service where users can automatically store all of their text messages sent and received.   Better still, advice we have created an API where you can programmatically access your p2p text streams without a client app.

How can I find out about the #Blue API?
Make sure you catch Richard Spence’s technical session on Friday on how to make use of #Blue and for examples of how others have used the API, stuff including recent hacks from Music Hack Day and a neat little app called SMS Owl. He has posted some more resources online as well.

What is the Over the Air #Blue Challenge?
We’re looking to use the API to create the best hack that adds a novel twist to the theme of texting. SMS is still the most popular way of P2P communication on the planet, prostate  but it could do with some fresh thinking and the #Blue API is the perfect way to do this!

What is the prize?
We’ll be giving away a Playstation 3 for the best #Blue API hack.