Competitions – the Orange Mobilise Challenge

About Mobile Volunteering

Orange wants to use the power of its technology to help transform volunteering in the UK. Through the first large-scale project of its kind in the UK, Orange is aiming to uncover the true potential of mobile volunteering. It has the potential to radically change how people “give back” in their spare time through convenient, snack-size volunteering using mobile technology – so consumers can give up minutes of their time for good anywhere, anytime. Through this new movement, Orange wants to generate hundreds of thousands of extra hours of volunteering in the UK each year, making a positive impact on society. To kick start this, Orange is looking to bring together an online community of social entrepreneurs, charities and developers, to build and develop new innovative ideas for Orange’s flagship mobile volunteering app. You can find out more about the initiative at

The Over the Air Challenge

We want your ideas on how people with a mobile phone anywhere could volunteer time for good, entered into the regular competition format during the event …and we will give the winner an iPhone 4.

Since launching, Orange’s mobile volunteering initiative has produced a huge range of exciting ideas as to how to help charities in a few minutes using the mobile phone. This challenge at Over The Air gives you the chance to bring one of the top ideas to reality and potentially make a huge difference to the charity it will be helping.

So next time you’re waiting at a bus stop, imagine what help people in the queue could give in less than five minutes of their time. They could be photo-tagging wildlife, mapping green urban spaces, making an audio map for the blind or filling in a research survey.

  • In minutes…
  • On a mobile anywhere…
  • What action could we take for social, community or environmental good?

Benefits for Developers, Good Organisations & Mobile Users

Orange’s open innovation platform is a professional community where great ideas and productive new relationships can flourish. Charities and social entrepreneurs can get help in the development of their ideas for mobile volunteering. Developers can learn about apps in demand and find partners for apps they are building.

Bringing It All to Life

Ideas shared here are going places. Here’s how Orange is helping them take off:

  • Orange innovation – helping create a community where people can share and develop new mobile volunteering ideas
  • Orange app platform for developers – a framework and clear directions on developing with us
  • Orange Flagship App – our new iPhone app that gives instant access to mobile volunteering actions the crowd loves

Open to Everyone

Later in the year Orange will open the community to the wider public, to take part in suggesting new mobile volunteering actions and submit existing or new apps for good that they think are great. To kick start this we have reached out in the UK to a professional crowd of social entrepreneurs, charities and developers.

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