Ericsson Labs is an Event Sponsor of OTA10


We are thrilled to announce that Ericsson Labs is an Event Sponsor of Over the Air 2010

Ericsson Labs is a concept for open innovation. The site holds APIs, resources, offerings, and various expert commentaries, produced by Ericsson. This assortment provides technologies and communities for developers and makes it easy to get in touch with a variety of experts from different fields.

The cutting-edge technologies available on Labs help developers create new innovative services. These services can then be made available to end-users via any established application store or to other developers at Ericsson Labs via our applications showroom.

Ericsson Labs at Over the Air

Emerging Communication: How html5 changes applications and the way they talk (Friday @ 15:30 in Huxley 311)

This session from Vladimir Katardjiev will explore how the internet has changed users’ expectations on applications, how html5 impacts application development, and how applications will need to communicate with each-other in the future. In addition, prototypes on hand will show how both web and native applications can evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow’s users.

Vladimir is a member of Ericsson Research’s web technology group, where he works with emerging web technologies and how they influence applications and network activity. He co-developed Ericsson Labs’ EventSource and Web Connectivity APIs, aimed at providing mainstream browsers with the communication tools of the future.

Ericsson Labs is also supporting our hackathon and will give out details of their category during this session as well. They’ll have team members on hand all weekend at Over The Air to discuss the details of that in more detail.