Monotype Imaging is an Event Sponsor for OTA10

Monotype Imaging We are thrilled to announce that Monotype Imaging is an Event Sponsor of Over the Air 2010

Monotype Imaging works with OEMs and software developers in a variety of industries, all with something in common: the need for text imaging solutions. Their technologies have been widely deployed across a range of consumer electronics devices, including laser printers, digital copiers, mobile phones, digital televisions, set-top boxes and digital cameras, as well as in numerous software applications and operating systems.

Julie Strawson, who is Monotype Imaging’s evangelist, is a familiar face in the mobile circuit and is passionate about how words and logos look and feel in the digital environment and the trust that conveys. However, the lovely Julie can’t be with us after all, but we’re lucky to have Vlad Levantovsky in tow instead. He’s very excited to join us for the first time.

Monotype Imaging is also pleased to be running a workshop on Saturday the 11th between 11:00 and 12:00. Vlad’s going to lead this session and it should be a cracker. Find out more about the session here.

And if you’d like some further inspiration about how best to use fonts in your digital designs, then you could do worse than check out some super videos from the Monotype Imaging designers who reveal their top tips on YouTube: