PayPal X is a Silver Sponsor of OTA10

We are thrilled to announce that PayPal X is a Silver Sponsor of Over the Air 2010

In November 2009, PayPal opened its global payments platform to third-party developers, ushering in a new generation of innovative payments.  PayPal X is the world’s first truly open global online payment platform – giving developers access to its global payment engine built over the last decade with more than 87 million active PayPal accounts available in 190 markets and 24 currencies.
The PayPal X Developer Network puts developers in the driver’s seat, providing the resources and the tools needed to change the future of payments – from mobile apps to web apps and social networks. Developers can now monetize their ideas and tap into the $30 trillion global payments opportunity – the next wave of payments innovation is now in their hands.

PayPal X at Over the Air

In-App Payments using PayPal (Friday @ 14:30 in Huxley 340)

PayPal will introduce their rapidly growing suite of mobile payment libraries and tool kits available for developers integrating payments for physical goods, services and donations. The first half of the session will introduce PayPal’s current set of in-app and mobile browser based checkout solutions, including live demonstrations and implementation examples. The second half of the session will go down to the code of level of integrating in-app and mobile browser payments into iPhone, iPad and Android applications. We’ll also touch on the range of upcoming features including mobile checkout without a PayPal account, subscriptions, pre-approvals and more.

For those that attended PayPal session on their brand new libraries for in-application and mobile browser based payments, please see for more information. PayPal continues to optimise payments for mobile devices with options for both in-application and mobile browser based checkout experiences on iPhone and Android.  They’re simple to integrate and make it easy for buyers to make payments without leaving your application or mobile browser checkout flow.  The new mobile interface has been designed to maximise checkout conversion through effective buyer experience, and build on the broad range of APIs already available on PayPal for creating a variety of different types of payments from one-off payments to subscriptions and pre-approvals.