Speaker Announcement: Adobe’s Michaël Chaize on AIR for Android

We’re excited to announce that Adobe’s Michaël Chaize is going to present a hands-on session on AIR for Android!

Ever wanted to extend Flash Player 10.1?  Do you need multi-touch in your mobile application?  Well, in this session you’ll learn about the new features of AIR 2.5 Beta on Android covering all the major features, including Geolocation, Multi-touch and Gestures, StageWebView, Camera and Microphone APIs. We’re going to build a complex application using both Flash Professional and Flash Builder, it might even look good!

Michaël Chaize is a Flash Platform Evangelist at Adobe where he focuses on Rich Internet Application and Enterprise Integration. Based in Paris, he works with large accounts that need to understand the benefits of rich user interfaces, leverage the existing back-ends to add a rich presentation layer and measure the impact on the existing IT teams. He believes that intuitive user experiences in the Enterprise are key to successful developments of effective, efficient, engaging, easy to learn and error free applications. He loves to promote concepts such as “Productivity by design” or “User Experience oriented architectures”. In his previous role, Michael worked as a Technical Sales in France and assumed the promotion of the Flash Platform in front of large audiences of developers and IT managers. Since the beginning of this year, he also focuses on Rich Mobile Application developed with the Flash Platform for Android devices (and soon WebOS and BlackBerry devices). You can discover several mobile experiments on his blog www.riagora.com