Speaker Announcement: Amazon’s Matt Wood on Cloud Computing

Amazon was an early leader in the field of Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services. Now Amazon’s Matt Wood will present the latest and greatest on AWS: “Viral Survival Kit: Cloud Computing for Highly Scalable Apps.”

Since 2006, Amazon Web Services have been providing on demand, pay-as-you-go infrastructure to businesses of all sizes. This talk will introduce the Cloud platform offered by Amazon, and discuss how mobile developers can make use of Amazon’s scale and operational experience to build highly scalable applications and games, and move to market more quickly. He’ll aim to cover:

  • An introduction to Amazon’s cloud platform
  • Content distribution and delivery
  • Patterns and best practice
  • Information security
  • Data mining in the cloud

This talk will include real world case studies and discuss how to survive the challenges of your app going viral in a cost effective way.<

As the Technology Evangelist for Amazon Web Services, Matt Wood discusses the technical and business aspects of cloud computing throughout Europe. With a background in the life sciences and a PhD in Bioinformatics, Matt is interested in helping teams of all sizes bring their ideas to life through technology. Before joining Amazon he built web-scale search engines at Cornell University, sequenced DNA in Hinxton and was responsible for the software that drove a new era of genomics in Cambridge. Matt is an advocate of open data, rapid software development and highly available systems.