Speaker Announcement: Pachube’s Christopher Burman

Christopher BurmanOne of the key topics we’re covering at Over the Air this year is “open data”: how mobile developers can take advantage of data and APIs to build great stuff. That’s why we’re very excited to welcome back Christopher Burman, who will be presenting on Pachube, a company that works to store, share & discover realtime sensor, energy and environment data from objects, devices & buildings around the world. Christopher’s talk will be about the augmented reality stuff he’s been working on at Pachube:  the ‘porthole’ (http://apps.pachube.com/porthole) software recently released in alpha and the challenge of creating the forthcoming mobile version. He’ll also give a couple of demos of the stuff in action, talk about Pachube as a platform in more detail and explain why AR, especially mobile AR is so exciting for Pachube and why other developers should be excited too.

Christopher Burman is a designer and software developer working at Connected
Environments on Pachube and various data, energy and mobile software
projects. He has talked about pachube at the last Over the Air where he did a
demo of power management unit.