Speaker Announcement: Ricardo Varela and Kasey Chappelle on Digital Privacy

We’re glad to be welcoming back Ricardo Varela, joining new face Kasey Chappelle to present about a key topic for today’s mobile developers: digital privacy.

Facebook, Google, Zynga, Flurry – companies that have made the news for lots of good reasons, and a few very bad ones relating to how they use (and abuse) personal information. Join Kasey Chappelle, Global Privacy Counsel, Vodafone Group, and Ricardo Varela, Principal Manager, Joint Innovation Lab, in getting beyond laws and policies to explore the real technical, user experience and application design issues around privacy. We’ll discuss: WHY privacy is important (and why it’s now headline news); WHAT are the current best practices and expectations from consumers, regulators and advocates; and HOW can you make sure that your apps and user interfaces are providing the best experience (as well as not breaking the law). You’ll be able to learn more about this tricky emerging issue and get expert advice on any questions you might have.

Kasey ChappelleKasey Chappelle has 10 years of experience helping multinational online, technology and telecoms companies deal with global consumer privacy and data protection issues. Before joining Vodafone, she handled consumer privacy for eBay’s e-commerce, financial and online services platforms around the world. But before law school, she was a graphic artist and advertising major – skills that help her speak “consumer” and not “lawyer” when advising on privacy compliance and product development.”

Ricardo Varela
Ricardo Varela is the Principal Manager of the Joint Innovation Lab, an initiative from Vodafone, Verizon Wireless, China Mobile and Softbank Mobile. Ricardo and his team work in enabling a mobile web applications ecosystem that will allow developers to access the the combined customer base of the 4 JIL operators.
Previously to JIL, he has lead the engineering team for Yahoo Mobile in London, engineered several projects for Google Mobile and tinkered with some components of Windows Mobile for Microsoft.
Ricardo is a regular speaker in conferences related to mobile development and collaborates in several developer community initiatives, mainly related to mobile web applications.
In a not-so-distant future, he hopes to own a bakery near a beach and never worry again about the differences between the iPhone and the Motorola RAZR.