Speaker Announcement: O2’s Richard Spence on “Hacking with #Blue”

Richard SpenceRichard Spence (@spugamola) will be running a technical session on an experimental service called #Blue, stomach which is a place where users can automatically store all of their text messages sent and received. O2 have an API for this they would like to tempt developers to play with to add a novel twist to the theme of texting, which is still the most popular way of P2P communication on the planet!

He has posted resources that can be used during the workshop session.

Richard is a Platform Designer working at O2.  A developer by trade he has worked in mobile for over 10 years both on a consultancy basis and in product development.   Over the years Richard has had a bash almost all mobile platforms but mainly:  Windows Mobile, J2Me, Blackberry and Android. He is an Aries.