The beautiful Monotype Imaging Posters

The lovely team over at Monotype Imaging have been racking their brains for a very special gift they could give the hack-a-thon winners tomorrow.

More details will follow shortly on the Competitions Page, but we thought you’d like to take a sneak peek…

The first in a series of limited edition prints features the Gill Sans(R) Bold Extra Condensed typeface, available for $200 (about GBP 108) from . Eric Gill, the British typographer, sculptor and engraver created the design in 1937 as part of the Gill Sans typeface family. Inspired by the sans serif lettering by the calligrapher Edward Johnston in 1916 for the London Underground public transportation system, the Gill Sans typeface has been considered Gill’s most enduring legacy to typography. Companies including AT&T and the British Broadcasting Corp. have incorporated the Gill Sans design into their brand identity programs. Gill Sans fonts are also part of the Mac OS(R) X operating system which runs in millions of Macintosh(R) computers.

Five hundred hand-numbered reproductions have been created of the original Gill Sans Bold Extra Condensed drawing, which is stored in an archive at the U.K. headquarters of Monotype Imaging in Salfords. The giclee digital printing process was used to create each 18 x 24 inch print on fine art matte paper. “It’s virtually impossible to distinguish the original from the reproduction,” said Allan Haley, who serves on the board of directors for the Monotype Foundation. “Gill’s pencil titling and initials are visible, as are areas where he made hand-edited corrections. It’s fascinating to view such primitive techniques, especially since Gill’s typefaces in today’s digital world are more popular than ever, 65 years after his death.”