4 Years of Hacking Competitions

photo credit Benjamin EllisOne of the key features of Over the Air is the in-event competition, which gives you a chance to show off the clever and fun ideas you’ve been coding and hacking away at over the course of the event. We’ve had some really great entries over the years, and hope to hear plenty of stories of how they were developed further after the event (in which case we’ll link to them for you).

There are some basic Terms & Conditions for entering the competition, which you can read here (and which you implicitly agree to when you submit an entry).

We’re making some small changes to how the competition works this year, in response to your feedback and our experience over the past years. If you have any suggetions do get in touch! We’ll be posting the details over the course of the summer.

Where are they now?

We’d love to feature our past hack-a-thon entries and where those ideas went… if you’ve got a video or a blog post about what you did, if you’ve launched the idea you worked on in ’09 or ’08 – please get in touch! We’d love to brag about you….

Also, if you have an footage of any of the past entries, please help us complete the links list below!


The 2010 Hack-a-thon Competition:

  1. Best in Show (judges selection) – an iPad from Alcatel-Lucent, and $1,000 worth of services from Mob4Hire The Ben Collins Appreciation Society for First Gear
  2. Audience Favourite (audience vote) – $1,000 worth of services from DeviceAnywhere – Light Blue for Lobster
  3. The Nokia Qt Challenge – a Nokia N8 – GeekYouUp for Hot UK Deals for Maemo
  4. The UnLtd Better Net Challenge – £2,500 – Intohand for Freecycle Mobile
  5. The Telefonica #Blue Challenge – a Playstation 3 – Jose Palazon for OTA #Blue Chess
  6. The PayPal X Challenge – an HTC Android Smartphone – The Bill Collins Appreciation Society for First Gear
  7. The Ericsson Labs Challenge – a Sony Ericsson Android X10 Mini Pro – Intohand for Freecycle Mobile
  8. The Orange Mobilise Challenge – an iPhone 4 – Alistair MacDonald for Hole Mapper
  9. Best User Experience – $500 of In-Network Ad Spend from InMobi – Melinda & Christiano for GeoHunt
  10. Best use of Open APIs and Open Data – a Motorola DEXT – Dale Lane for UK Traffic
  11. Best Android App – a Motorola Milestone – Paul Johnston for FindMyMates
  12. Best use of Mobile Web – a Sony Ericsson Android X10 Mini Pro – Me Myself & I for Light Blue
  13. Best Game – an Xbox from Microsoft – Feel the FP-ness for Dance Dance Evolution
  14. Best Use of other features (RFID, Camera Bluetooth, Light Sensors) – Monotype Imaging Poster – Adam Cohen-Rose for The Eyes Have It
  15. Best iPhone App – Monotype Imaging Poster – >2.5k for Vibe
  16. Best Visual Design – Monotype Imaging Poster – Feel the FP-ness for Dance Dance Evolution
  17. Best use of Widgets – Monotype Imaging Poster – Geek You Up for The Cleaner
  18. Best Hardware Hack- Monotype Imaging Poster – Adam Cohen-Rose for The Eyes Have It
  19. The Most Fun – Monotype Imaging Poster – Thom FP for Doodle Message
  20. The Most Useful – Monotype Imaging Poster – Sam Machin for BlueBabelTextFish
  21. The Most Cheeky – Monotype Imaging Poster – Light Blue for Lobster

The 2009 Hack-a-thon Competition:

  • OMTP – Best BONDI Widget = BONDI Password generator by Kai Hendry; Prize = a BONDI surf board
  • LiMo Foundation – Best user experience on BONDI widget = 0870 Widget by Simon Maddox; Prize = £100 book voucher
  • Lonely Planet – Best Lonely Planet Hack – Your choice from the Lonely Planet Library
  • BBC – Best Dr Who Hack = Mind the Dalekby Adam Cohen-Rose; Prize = Dr Who Magazine interview and other Dr Who goodies
  • Yahoo – Best use of Yahoo APIs = Something Around You by Alfredo Morresi, Stefano Zingarini, & Robert (Jamie) Munro; Prize = a Nespresso Machine
  • Most Fun Entry = Friend Hangman by Makoto Inoue; Prize = iPod Touch donated by Yiibu
  • Best User Experience = Bottle rock it by lastminute.com labs: Sam Dean, Russ Anderson, Richard Lewis Jones, & Mathias Dahlstrom; Prize = Nokia Ovi Launchpad Membership
  • Service Design = FollowMyContactCard by Owen Griffin; Prize = iPod Touch donated by Yiibu
  • Best Visual Design = Drinkr by Anže Cesar & Tomaž Štolfa; Prize = a Netbook donated by Vodafone
  • Best Use of WebApp / Widget technology = Widgbay by Andy Vizor; Prize = Nokia Ovi Beta & Support
  • Best Android App = Buzzword Bingo by Elliot Long; Prize = an HTC Hero donated by Orange
  • Best Location Aware App / Service = BatNav by Saqib Shaikh; Prize = Nokia Bluetooth Headset donated by Nokia
  • Best Use of Wireless, Bluetooth, or RFID = RFID Coffee Cup by Sam Machin; Prize = 100 hours of the Perfecto Mobile service
  • Best Hardware Hack = Mind the Dalek by Adam Cohen-Rose; Prize = 100 hours of the DeviceAnywhere service
  • Best of Show (Selected by the Judges Panel) = Project BlueBell by Future Platforms: James Hugman, Thom Hopper, Tom Hume; Prize = Nokia mobile phone donated by Nokia
  • Audience Favorite (Selected by all attendees) = RFID Coffee Cup by Sam Machin; Prize = A SonyEricsson Walkman phone donated by O2 Litmus

The 2008 Hack-a-thon Competition:

  • Overall Best Prototype – Mr. Tomm (Future Platforms)
  • Best Mobile Widget – Auto Widget Configurator (Owen)
  • Best Hardware hackPhone Fight (lastminute.com labs)
  • Best Use of Multimedia – 21st Century Fridge Door (Orange Pirate)
  • Best Use of Wireless, Bluetooth or RFID – Bluetooth FOAF (Owend)
  • Most elegant solution – Twitter Client for Windows (Dale Lane)
  • Most over engineered – Clever Social Tool (Alex squared)
  • Most practical / ready for market – SNOB
  • Best mobile web application – Browser SyncBest design / user experience prototype – Phone Fight (lastminute.com labs)
  • Best Location Aware Award – Capture the Flag (Location based games)
  • And the winners in our “unofficial categories” were:
    • Fun Award – Phone Fight (lastminute.com labs)
    • Most likely the succeed with the CIA – (Social Tracker)