BlueVia at Over The Air 2011

Hopefully you will have seen that BlueVia is a gold sponsor for this year’s event. This is the third year we have worked with the Over The Air team, ed and once again we are looking forward to a fun packed and creative two days.

So what can you expect from BlueVia over the weekend?

Firstly we will be running code camps for the BlueVia API’s. You can get a taster by checking out our API documentation, watching a few of our short tutorial video’s, and of course playing with our new API console from APIgee.

In addition to that, the crew from BlueVia Labs will be out in force. BlueVia Labs is the place where we release experimental stuff for you to try out and attempt to break. Attendees to OTA 2010 may be familiar with #Blue – well its back and one year older, so you can do even cooler stuff than before. Richard Spence will be on hand throughout the weekend to get you started.

In addition to that, we will be announcing two new services at OTA 2011, wandering around filming the whole event and interviewing you, plus coming armed with a ton of prizes and other schwag to liberally chuck in the direction of anyone hacking with our stuff.

To get a feel of what you may be able to do with BlueVia over the weekend, listen to Tom from Future Platforms give you his two cents on BlueVia:

[vimeo clip_id=”26050995″]