Does the cloud increase corporate security?

The Shaping Cloud blog has an interesting post arguing that the horde of Cloud-service-provider security experts beavering away at keeping security tight will ultimately enhance Corporate IT security efforts and speed up the adoption of Cloud services:

“Internet security will always be a valid concern and services will always be subject to increasingly sophisticated attacks. Companies may feel more secure with their servers on-site, but in reality if they have an internet connection, location is of no consequence – it is just as vulnerable in one place as it is in another. By using the cloud companies suddenly have an army of dedicated people committed to maintaining security. They don’t need to rely solely on an in-house or outsourced provider who often have multiple duties to perform and where security will often get pushed down the priority list as they deal with the day-to-day IT issues that occur in all companies. For the vast majority of companies today, a move to the cloud will actually enhance their security and compliance levels. What many people view as a barrier to cloud adoption should, in our view, actually be seen as a driving factor behind take-up.”

There are certainly many mainstream IT companies providing services in this area, with Microsoft standing out in particular: “The amount of money Microsoft have allocated to developing cloud services is staggering – this year it will be 90% of their annual Research and Development budget totalling $8.5 billion. ”

Many of us will have anecdotes of their corporate IT department not allowing applications like Skype because they aren’t officially supported, but as people increasingly use their own smartphones and tablets to get around the corporate firewall, I wonder whether the internal IT department is loosing it’s hold anyways..