Register for OTA 2011

For the first time, we are introducing a small £5 donation to the Bletchley Park Trust as part of the registration process this year – a tiny cost for us, but with 500+ attendees expected it’s a nice little sum towards the repair and upkeep of the Park. (And of course you are welcome to donate more, if you feel inspired by the Bletchley Park story).

If everyone who attends gives £10 or more we could make a significant contribution towards the roof repair of Hut 12, where the ‘From Bletchley Park, with Love’ exhibit is housed ( Ian Fleming and Real Spies, Double Agents and Bletchley Park). Bletchley Park have kindly offered to give an annual season pass to all attendees who donate £12 or more.

If you prefer using PayPal you can e-mail margaret at overtheair dot org your registration details and make your donation on JustGiving

Online Event Registration with amiando

To pay while viewing on your mobile phone, switch to the Desktop view

The Amiando link within this frame is indeed a secure, encrypted one – but it doesn’t show up that way.  If you prefer you can go to Direct Link on Amiando

If you don’t have a credit card and need to give us cash at the door, just send margaret at overtheair dot org an e-mail with all of the other required registration detail, and we’ll get you sorted.