Security Stream at OTA 2011

Bletchley Park is renowned for its mathematics work in breaking encryption during the second world war. It is also the home of the world’s first programmable digital computer: Colossus and the National Museum of Computing. Where better to hold a security stream for Over the Air?

Security in the mobile world is increasing in prominence. Convergence of technologies within mobile handsets mean that more people have more reason to attack mobile phones and their users. From mobile payments and company emails to our photo albums, buy cheap our entire lives are centring on one thing – the handset. If we lose our phone it is more than a big deal.

As we all get hooked on our connected lives, malware and virus creators are thinking of new dastardly ways to wreak havoc and steal money from us and even from the developers of the applications we download. Developers need to think more and more about how to protect their own applications and user data, alongside being responsible with the private data they have access to.

Speakers in the Over the Air security stream will be giving attendees the low-down on how to secure mobile applications, the evolution of malware and the history of codes and ciphers:

  • What’s going on with security in the mobile industry and what’s coming up?
  •  The threat from mobile malware and how to make sure you don’t develop something bad
  • Stolen and lost phones – can mobile applications help with this problem?
  • Webapp security, signing and app stores
  •  Break the code! – A mobile application challenge for developers

Stay-tuned for Speaker Announcements….